Five Places to Include on Trips to Perth

Though Australia has been a very popular holiday destination for some time, Perth is a relative newcomer to the tourist map. Whilst cheap flights to Perth are readily accessible, the city which sits on Australia’s west coast is relatively isolated when compared to other top destinations such as Sydney or Canberra. However, its pristine beauty and miles of beaches are encouraging more people to visit this popular spot. If you’re considering visiting Perth, there are five places that should not be missed.

  1. Perth’s Beaches – Perth’s coastline is one of its most important attractions for many. Scarborough and Trigg Island are both ideal locations, with beaches which stretch far into the distance and offer days of sun, sea and sand. Many beaches have great facilities and services to enjoy, including water sports and fishing activities.
  2. Rottnest Island – If you’re happy exploring the coastline, then Rottnest Island is a must see. Beaches are even more pristine here than on the mainland, due to the island being protected parkland because of its native flora and fauna. One animal in particular is unique, and you’ll have the chance to discover the island’s native quokka; a little, nocturnal marsupial. A short ferry ride is the ideal way to traverse the sea to the island, and you’ll discover plenty of luxury accommodation to indulge yourself in for a few days away from the mainland.
  3. Kings Park – Located in the centre of Perth is Kings Park; a 400 acre park area of natural beauty. The Sunset Cinema is very popular in the warmer months, allowing you to watch favorite movies outside. Meanwhile, the Lotterywest Federation Walkway offers a bridge of steel and glass through the tree canopy. The Botanic Garden, opened in 1965, holds around 3,000 native species of plants, and makes an ideal place for an afternoon tour whether you want to explore the flora, or simply have a picnic in the sun. And, with many trails and walkways to explore, Kings Park is the ideal destination for outside activities.
  4. Perth Zoo – Perth Zoo is one of Australia’s most popular zoos, and you can easily spend an entire day at this park. If you don’t have a chance to explore Australia’s outback, Perth Zoo can make up for it with some iconic animals to see, including koalas, emus, dingoes and kangaroos. The zoo houses a huge range of animals from across the world, and the lions are particularly interesting in their savanna replicated enclosure. There is also a network of secret gardens and caves for children to explore, allowing you time to relax a little if you’re traveling with the family.
  5. Western Australia Maritime Museum – If you only visit one museum whilst visiting the city, Perth’s Maritime Museum should be your destination. With exhibits showcasing Australia’s history, you can get an insight into the region’s important place as part of the nation’s past. Perth Maritime Museum also explores recent history too, and you’ll be able to find exhibits on the 1980’s America’s Cup win and see Australia II’s winged keel.

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