How to find the perfect range-finders for you

Golfers in all skill levels can utilize a rangefinder to their advantage as well as archery hunters.  Rangefinders all operate on the same simple concept.  When a button is pushed, a laser beam is emitted from one end and fired at the object, where it will bounce back.  An internal clock measures the time it takes for the beam to return and uses this number to form its calculation on the distance.

Some of the best range finders will also be able to measure the incline of the target as well.  These are best rangefinders for hunting because they allow you to incorporate the angle of the shot into your decision of whether or not to attempt the shot.  A golf rangefinder can still be the best golf rangefinder without this feature however.

Difference between hunting and golf rangefinders
Hunting and golf rangefinders were made for two totally different purposes, however certain rangefinders are universal and can work for both sports.  Cheaper golf rangefinders simply find the nearest object and marks that as the object to find the distance for.  This is not a good idea for hunting as often times, the target is hidden behind trees, therefore the tree will be marked and the distance will be wrong.

The best hunting rangefinders are also not always the best golf rangefinders.  Often times when trying to use a high end hunting rangefinder golfing, the rangefinder will pick up objects behind the flag thinking it is the target.  This is because the makers of these hunting rangefinders have the rangefinder pick up the bigger object behind the trees.  So it simply thinks the flag is a tree and picks up the brush behind it.  As you can see, this gets very annoying in both situations.

We do have some rangefinder reviews on universal rangefinders.  In all honesty most of them are a great product.  These types generally do not cost that much more, so it all comes down personal preference.

Golf rangefinders are limited in tournament use to only distance measures.  No tools that measure slope are allowed as it gives the golfer an unfair advantage.  In all of our rangefinder reviews we will let you know if the rangefinder is allowed in tournament play or not.

Rangefinder technology has come a long way in the last couple of years.  Rangefinders today provide much better quality at a much lower price.  There is has also been the introduction of iPhone apps that incorporate the rangefinder distance into the app providing the ultimate golfing experience.

So this means that all of us normal players are usually left with the best golf rangefinder.  However, it is considered common courtesy in the golf world to ask your competitors about how they feel using a device with such power.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying your rangefinder for golf.  Spending a lot of money doesn’t always mean you are going to get the best golf rangefinder.  I recommend reading our reviews here and then keeping a few other key things in mind.  You want your range finder to have a maximum distance greater than the longest hole you will be golfing on.  Always take in to account other courses you could possibly play at.  You never know when your wife is going to book you a golfing trip down in Florida.

I recommend buying a tournament approved golf rangefinder at first.  Your friends will take you more seriously and you are preserving the game of golf at the same time.

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